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Wow, it's been a couple of crazy busy days for us.

On Thursday we went to Shinma's birthday party at Elysium. There were lots of cool people there, and I really started to feel like "part of the group." Had a good time talking with people and being at the club. Unfortunately they played mostly electronic/techno stuff, even though Allycat and I went up to the DJ booth and requested "swirly gothy stuff."

On Friday there was an "Art Party" at Allycat's place. We got there a little late (due to me taking a 3 hour nap upon getting home), but still got to hang out with people. Played some Bust-A-Movie and Guitar Hero. Talked about also sorts of various things. Felt really good. Like we were finally part of a group. And it's a group that likes us, understands our references, and basically talks the same language as we do.

Yesterday lordaerith stayed home, but I went to AC&B J's place for bbq and swimming with peoples. Just hanging out with people was lots of fun. The bbq was good. I traded some of my two zucchinis for parts of other people's steaks, which worked out really well. Once they convinced me to get in the water, we had a lot of silly fun. After swimming there was pie (mmm...pie), and hanging out at the apartment and then ACJ decided to put on Clueless. The two of us proceeded to quote the whole thing...hehehe.

There was talk of going to a movie or hanging out at drackyyn's place...but I may just stay home.

Tomorrow is lordaerith and my two year. If the weather's good, we're hoping to go to Schlitterbahn to celebrate.
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