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Fun in the sun

lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn yesterday. OMG! So much of the awesome! We had a great time there, except for two things. 1) We got sunburnt. Me much worse than him. I'm pretty much sunburnt almost all over, especially on my shoulders and back. 2) I reacted funny to the rubber tires used for the tube rides. Not sure if it was my tire or what is on the tires or what, but I have these little bumps on the backs of my knees, my inner elbow and my upper arm (the parts of my body that touched the tire the most). It hurts more than the sunburn.

Would write more about the awesomeness of the water park, but I have to run to meet with photographers about my QuickTime VR project.
Tags: anniversary, fun, sun, water park

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