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I just made my first ever QuickTime VR movie. It was actually pretty easy. I made a circle of lines that were 10° apart using Illustrator. Then I placed my object (in this case a large purple plushy peep) on it, set up the camera, and took 36 pictures.

QTVR Peep setupThis is what my set-up looked like. You can see the circle of lines under the peep and the ruler that I used to make sure that it was at pretty much the same distance and that the lines were (mostly) even with the camera. Also, the two missing brown books from the bookshelf are being used to prop up the camera (so I didn't have to use a tripod).

Then I used VR Worx to make a movie out of the images. The program was very intuitive and easy to use. Unfortunately I only have the demo, so I couldn't play with hot spots or save the movie. But still...wheeeee. I made the peep spin round and round.
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