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More than Meets the Eye

Just got back from the Transformers movie. Even though I was never really into Transformers as a child, I really enjoyed it. Yay for strong, intelligent chicks who continue to stay strong throughout! lordaerith has more non-spoilery stuff to say about it in his journal.

Can I just say that the Alamo Drafthouse kicks ass!!!! We got there around 7pm for our 8:05 showing. They had already opened the screen for the showing. Instead of playing silly commercials and trivia, they were playing clips from the first episode of the old TV show and from the cartoon movie cut together with funny promos for the Drafthouse (like showing the clip from Heroes when Hiro mentions it) and using both the Japanese and American Transformers "We'll be right back"s as transitions. Chibi Transformers are so cute.

Before playing the movie, a guy came out and said that they were going to have a contest (which we figured because we saw them setting up a table earlier). The first three people to answer trivia questions correctly were going to compete for an Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet by having to transform two of the new toys each. lordaerith got the 4th trivia question right ("who does the voice of Unicron in the cartoon movie?"), but since no one got the 2nd question, he was the last contestant. He was the only one of the three not wearing a Transformers shirt (but he was wearing a Zelda shirt...). He was the first one to finish transforming their first toy, but he was about 30 seconds too late so he didn't get the helmet :(. We figured out later that he had the Bumblebee and Jazz toys.
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