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What were those words?

Last night I went to karaoke with the girls (ok, they need nicknames...they will now be called: FireCat, Bubbles, Tiger, and Punk). At one point Punk and I were looking through the set list and we noticed there were a bunch of Weird Al songs. So she picks "Yoda" and I pick "The Saga Begins" and we tell M (the Karaoke guy), that we want to sing the songs one after the other. Well, Punk goes up there and does an awesome job with "Yoda" and the (very small) crowd loves it. So I'm all excited and I go up and first of all there is some sort of loud cheering going on in the background of the song the WHOLE time. It was so loud I thought it might have been drowning out my singing. Then, all of a sudden, while I'm still singing a verse (going along with the words), the chorus background music kicks in. It turns out that the song was jumping ahead of the words on the screen. At that point I could have just ended it there, but I decided to keep going. I knew most of the words anyway and so I just sung them as best I could in the proper place so that I would hit the chorus at the right time. I think I forgot a few, but I got most of them. I was really proud of myself that I could do that. Guess I could go on Don't Forget the Lyrics.

In the next round I belted out "White Rabbit" because if I could get through last song, I knew I could get through this one.
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