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Times with Artemis

artemis42 has been in town since Sunday afternoon and this has been making me exceedingly happy.

On Sunday I picked her up from the bus station (after becoming a QuickTime VR Goddess) and brought her home to rest. That night we saw Josh Blue at Cap City Comedy Club. He was soo funny, that Artemis almost fell out of her chair. The other two who went on before him were really funny too. Over all it was a great night and we had fabulous seats. I am currently trying to get the picture of me and Josh Blue off of my cell phone...but it's not sending (grrr).

On Monday we took Artemis to Whole Foods World during the day and then went to see the Simpson's Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was pretty funny, although I felt that the middle sort of dropped off a bit.

On Tuesday, lordaerith went into the shop and so Artemis and I had the day together. Mostly we just hung out and talked while I worked on and off on my Independent study. That night we went to FireCat's house for some Guitar Hero and then to Karaoke where I found out that I do much better when I sing faster songs and artemis42 shocked a group of people in the bar by singing Tori's Precious Things. At one point someone in the group decided that since we didn't have lighters, we could use our cell phones as a light source instead. I think that FireCat almost lost it when we started waving the cell phones while she sang "Stand By Me."

Tonight we're planning on going to the Poly Meet-up at Central Market. Hurray!

ps. From catling42, Harry Potter and the... (no spoilers, but not entirely work safe either)
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