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just wanted to update, but i don't know if i have anything new to say. Drove Cimmy to Lafyette the other day to be with her (hopefully no longer)ex boyfriend.

went to see grandpa yesterday. he is doing ok. he is almost 90 which is really amazing.

went to the mall afterwards and ran into ex-b/f 1 at Babbages where he works. so, that is 2 out of 4 so far. already ran into ex-b/f 2 at a party and will be going to ex-b/f 3's party tonight. ex-b/f 4 e-med me and wanted me to call him when i got into town. i did, so it is his turn to call me back. i might actually make 4 out of 4 this time. that would be really strange. good thing i am on good terms with all of them.

mom is doing well. we have been cleaning up for her since she can't, but it is so hard for her to sit around all day. she is making homemade chicken soup. mmmm. i could smell it cooking when i woke up today. that is if i could have smelled anything. i really do need to clean my room. it is sooo dusty.

i think mom wants to go out somewhere to get yarn and chambourge so we can make a chocolate rasberry tourte. mmm.

must finish writing e-mail to Nayone and then get off line
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