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Finding things

In the past two days I have found two things:

First when moving shit around in my room in my mother's house I found my papers from England and some from my first year of college. Included in these papers were two that were very dear to me. The first was a paper I wrote while in England on Wicca. It was my first exploration into Paganism and opened up my eyes to what I'd always felt but hadn't known existed. The second and even more awesome find was the radio play that I wrote first semester of my first year. Since my computer had crashed at the beginning of my junior year and I had brought all the papers from my first year to New Orleans I thought that neither a digital or hard copy of that paper existed anymore. But mom brought it upstairs before Katrina and it was in my room. This whole time. It's like the best find ever in the entire world. I even wrote about how I was said I didn't have this paper anymore in the paper I wrote for my Digital Records class last semester.

With my 10 year HS reunion I've been slightly stalkerish in my attempt to find some of my old friends from high school. Yesterday I tracked down one of my best friends through MySpace and I just now found out she 1) has a livejournal (iskanderia) and 2) is moving to Austin to go to grad school at UT. How totally crazy is that???

Right, off to edit paper. And by edit I mean take two totally different papers and mush them together.
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