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i r seereous grad stuudant, this r seereous paper!

Turned in paper for Independent Study today. Hurray! All done with project (mostly...still need to put site on CD and give to Archive people, but that not graded, that extra).

Went to school with Mom yesterday. Got to help out with her 1st/2nd/3rd grad class. Was a lot of fun. They're adorable.

Left and went to MoJo's Coffee House where I proceeded to work on editing paper procrastinate with help of owner's little daughter (who goes to mom's school). She was so adorable. Also had nice MySpace conversation with owner (it started with "I am in ur coffee house, drinking ur coffee").

Picked mom up from school, went to Hansen's Sno-Bliz. Yay and *mischievous grin*!

Had perfect mommy dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

Spent way too long being silly with queencimmy as she edited said paper. SHE-HULK!

Went out to 80s night. Dancing in a tight skirt made my hip hurt (yes from when I banged it). Still managed to have fun.

Going out with Quee for lunch today. Should be interesting. Better get ready.
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