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Back in Austin

Flew back to Austin on Saturday. Only got about 4 hours of sleep, due to going out the night before to celebrate songbirdelsha's golden birthday.

Got home, rested for a little bit and then went out to see the Red Bull Flugtag. Ended up across the river on the grass. People kept walking along the path and stopping right in front of our group. Someone suggested that we all move down and block the path, forcing others to go around us. While that worked for a while, we couldn't keep it up forever. At some point I got sunscreen or something in my right eye, and it became all pink and bloodshot. Ended up getting so frustrated with not being able to see, with eye being irritated and with being overtired that we went home. Went to bed around 8pm, woke up at 10am on Sunday. See how tired I was?

Sunday got up and went to Apple Store to see about getting dent in case fixed. Was told needed appointment. Dragged lordaerith into work with me where I got him to help us set up new PCs that came in on Friday. Went back to Apple store for appointment. Was told that it would cost $750 to fix it!!!111!!!! Am going to look into other places in Austin to take it (any ideas?).

Today is work and then errand running to get ready for school.
Tags: austin, flugtag, work

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