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two years later

It's two years later. I feel like I should say something.

My memories from two years ago are somewhat hazy. I remember being at work and spending my entire time updating and reading blogs of people who had left or, worse, were riding it out. I remember feeling relieved that it missed the city and then freaking out when I heard about the leeves breaking. I remember not getting anything done at work that day or the next day; my boss should have seen the state that I was in and sent me home. I remember that I put up a sign in by my cubicle stating that all my family and friends were safe but I had no idea about my house because I couldn't deal with the endless barrage of questions. I remember wanting to talk about it and yet not wanting to talk about it. I remember feeling helpless. I remember trying to come up with a database of people who had clothing and people who needed clothing, but it never got off the ground.

I got the first pictures of my mother's house in early october. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, how some things were it total ruin and others were fine.

The first time I was home "Post-K" was in November 2006. My mother's house was being renovated. She was staying in a FEMA trailer on the front lawn. I remember thinking that all the trees were missing.

Most recently I was home last week. The renovations to my mother's house are now mostly done. There are countertops in the kitchen and and doorknobs on the doors; trust me, it's very exciting. But there is still almost no furniture downstairs and the FEMA trailer is still on the front lawn.

we're not okay
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