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3 nights, 3 parties

Saturday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night each had a party. Each one was different and cool.

Saturday night was at ex-b/f 3's house. He shaved. He looked really really HOT! Damn i would love to jump his bones! The party itself was good. I got to run into a lot of people that i hadn't seen in ages. Then Aerith and I and a bunch of other people played this PS game called Top Shop. It was like Monopoly on CRACK! It was such a cool game, even though it took 3 hours to play. Got home that night at 3:30am.

Sunday was queencimmy's b-day party. had to wake up and clean the house. my room is clean(er) which is nice. but we kicked up a shite load of dust which sucks because i'm still having breathing issues in my room. grrr.
Right, so the party. the party was really nice. we only had 20ish people which was much smaller than the 60-70 that were in attendence last year. We watched the Safer Sex-umentary that Cim brought from SLC. It was sooo funny but really educational at the same time. I would love a copy of it. There were such lines as "Leave the Crisco in the kitchen" and "Then you'll have herpies and babies in your eye." Then I decorated Cim's R2D2 cake. I did a really good job if i may say so myself. We just hung out and talked with peoples and it was really good and nice. Went to bed around 4am.

Monday was Mr. Werewolf's annual New Year's Eve party. There were less people invited and almost everyone was stoned so it was a much more mellow party than in years past. we got to play a lot of pool which was cool. Aerith and I had a lovely New Year's kiss. and then i got to kiss my friends. I even kissed ex-b/f 3 on the lips quickly. We were going to get into the hottub naked like always, but then a bunch of somewhat slimy uninvited people showed up and there were already grown-ups in the hottub and we were tired and it was 2:30 am. So we went home. Got to bed around 3/3:30am.
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