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Quick update with pictures

Last week lordaerith and I volunteered at the UT Video Game Archive Fundraiser

balloon hair
why yes, that's me with a ballon that matches my shirt tied to my braid, why do you ask?
For the record, no one told me to remove it.

I take playing Gauntlet II very seriously.

Almost as much as lordaerith does when playing Joust.

I make a fabulous hand model holding a Tabula Rasa coin.

All photos from that set - Copyright Jim Garrison

On Saturday Bubbles and Boom hosted an Art Party. The theme was elementalism. lordaerith and I worked together to make element-eatable cookies.

This is what a triple batch of cookie dough looks like. I'm amazed I got it all to fit in my mixer.

lordaerith painting the Earth cookies with a mixture of egg, water, and food coloring.

bubbles and me
Bubbles and I

FireCat, Me, and Bubbles - yup, we're insane :)

And finally, all of my classes are going really well. I'm really enjoying Databases and Math, but I'm having trouble doing my reading for Management tonight...

edit: I forgot to mention that I also won a contest hosted by Anne Bishop. I got a signed copy of Belladonna (Australian edition) and some bookplates & bookmarks for the new book, which comes out in March.

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