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Career ideas

Everyone else is doing it...
1.) Go to Career Cruising
2.) login nycareers; password landmark
3.) Take the career match maker quiz and list the top 10 responses

1. Librarian - well, that makes sense. isn't it what I'm in school for?
2. Video Game Developer - sounds cool!
3. Database Developer - have I mentioned how much I am loving my Databases class? I really do!!
4. Web Developer - I do this. And I get to do this for IS stuff
5. Computer Programmer - Could be fun.
6. Business Systems Analyst - no thank you
7. Mathematician - Also taking this semester, Math. Loves the maths
8. Administrative Assistant - did that.
9. Statistician - hmm...stats are cool
10. Editor - me spels bad! me has bad grammer structure...SHE HULK!

11. Stenographer - why?
12. Library Technician - yes please!
13. Archivist - only if i get to play with digitizing the stuff
14. Multimedia Developer - cool
15. Computer Trainer - I sort of do this right now.
16. Historian - does majoring in Classical Studies count?
17. Curator - wheee! again, would want to play with Digitization
18. Casting Director - not sure
19. Music Teacher / Instructor - have you heard me sing? it's bad. really bad.
20. Professor - you know, i keep thinking about this. I'm just not sure if I like the whole pressure to publish thing.
21. Webmaster - do this already
22. Health Records Professional - no thanks!
23. Director - would love to do this.
24. High School Teacher - sounds cool, depends on the subject.
25. ESL Teacher - no, that's what safirerings does
26. Technical Writer - I write up tutorials for work all the time.
27. Computer Network Specialist - oohhh...need to learn more first
28. Personal Financial Planner - ask lordaerith about my (lack of) checkbook keeping skills
29. Bank Teller - I've seen what they have to deal with. No thanks!
30. Fundraiser - that's right, give me money!
31. Film Editor - my cousin does this. sounds like fun work
32. Researcher - I'm a masters student. Isn't that what I already do?
33. Producer - if I had the $$
34. Market Research Analyst - no
35. Special Effects Technician - oooohhh...shiny!
36. Anthropologist - not so up on studying modern cultures...ancient cultures on the other hand...
37. Corporate Trainer - that means working for a corporation...
38. Hotel Desk Clerk - you're serious?
39. Bookkeeper - the only word in english with 3 sets of double letters in a row.
40. Writer
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