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Good weekend, busy week

Had a good birthday weekend.

On Saturday Aerith and I went to get some blood drawn (our dr. had ordered tests for both of us). The office was the comfiest, nicest blood drawing places I've ever been to. They had a big leather lounge chair for you to sit in when the blood was being drawn. The idea is that the chair makes the patient relax more. It worked. Talked up a storm with the woman taking the blood (sometimes I really remind myself of my mother).

After letting them take our blood, we went to Kerby Lane for breakfast. Sat outside, which was really nice. I ordered steak and eggs. Did some homework during the day and got a call from my favorite ex-b/f, who I haven't talked to in almost 10 years b/c we fell out of touch. Was AWESOME to reconnect with him again. For dinner we went to a hibachi place around the corner. I ordered steak and salmon. I guess I was REALLY in the mood for steak that day...

Sunday was full of relaxing and more homework. Also, a call to daobear to wish him happy b-day.

Monday night was Heroes watching. I am still happy with it.

Today was my "day off", which of course means that it's my day to get things done. I got a bunch of reading done, but it was hard because I wasn't feeling well all day.
I also went to get Aerith's car inspected, as the inspection had run out in August. It wouldn't start, so I went to the office and got someone to jump it. It jumped just fine and so I drove it to the inspection place around the corner. After sitting in the waiting room for over 1.5 hours, in which I finished all the reading I brought with me for school and was reading my novel, the guy came up to me and said that he couldn't get the car to start even with jumping it and so he couldn't inspect it. This is where Texas is different from Mass. In Mass that would have earned the car a great big R, where as in Texas, they just told me to get it fixed and sent me home.
After doing work for a while longer, my headache got the best of me and I ended up taking a 2+ nap.
Dinner was breakfast for dinner: eggs and bacon and hashbrowns. yum.

Of course, this whole not feeling well thing has put me behind on all the million things i have to do. I really want to go to TRF this weekend, but I have 3 major assignments due next week. I'm mostly done with one, partly done with another, and haven't started the third. I was hoping to start the third today, but the not feeling well & nap sort of took that away. Well...we'll see.
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