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kilt overload

Today lordaerith and I went to the Austin Celtic Festival. We had a lot of fun. There were lots and lots of pretty things to buy, but we didn't have the $$ :(. We did get a copy of our favorite bumper sticker, since the only copy we had was on my old car and we hadn't gotten a new one for this car.

Ran into people we knew and watched Need Fire's first set. Got to love a rock band that includes someone playing the bagpipes. OMG, I am so in love with the guy who played the electric violin in a KILT!

Talking about many men in them. men in kilts make the 'Thene happy. Very very happy. mmm...kilts!

In other news, the Saints won their 4th in a row. They are now 4-4!
Also, Whole Foods had organic Empire apples.
Tags: faire, kilts
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