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So much to do today that it's time for...the to do list!
  • Math Computing 2 - started
  • Finish Updated Data Dictionary
  • Go to campus to work on Access Database - stayed home and used Aerith's computer instead. Have basic tables and relationships done. I now understand why Access 2007 is so much nicer than Access 2003.
  • Look over Management group work, make changes / suggestions as needed.
  • Read about grants for Management
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Take out money for dinner tomorrow night
  • Eat Lunch
  • Clean up kitchen (just a little to do)
  • Clean cat water bowl
  • Clean toilets...because they are teh nasty!
  • Call Dr's office for follow-up
  • Call Pita Pit about double charge
  • Go by Pita Pit with bank statement to reverse double charge
  • Make dinner
I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting...but I just can't think of it now. (Edit: thought of it and added it to the list))
Tags: grad school, list, ren faire, to do

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