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Lists make my brain less insane

A Saturday list? The end of the semester is less than a month away and yet this is just for the next week or so...
  • Math
    • Read Chapter on Statistics
    • Computing Assignment 2, due Mon @ 9am
      • Answer extra credit questions
      • Put all parts together
      • Check over work
  • Databases
    • Read at least 4 of the 7 readings for class Wed. - 3 down
    • Assignment 6, due Wed @ 1pm
      • Enter data into tables (make it up)
      • Run queries - easier than I thought it would be
      • Make reports (make them pretty)
      • Check over for errors
  • Management
    • Read Choo paper by Sunday at 7pm
    • Attend group chat session Sunday @ 7pm
    • Budget Rough Draft, Due Wed. @ 11:30pm
      • Work on line item budget
      • Research prices of items
      • Submit to group by Sunday @ noon (okay it was a little late...)
      • Participate in editing process
      • Post finished budget and narrative
    • E-Portfolio, due at the end of the semester
      • Find 2 more articles to annotate and annotate them
      • Write up management competencies thingy
      • Check over resume
      • Talk to Career Services?
    • Group meeting with Prof, Thurs @ 11am
    • Read anything else
  • Work
    • Go in for PS on Sunday
    • Teach Mail Merge class on Monday @ 1:30pm
    • Finish recording Mail Merge video tutorial - need to talk with Q about this
    • Work on iMovie class with AA
    • Bring breakfast to Fri meeting
  • House stuff for this weekend
    • Clean kitchen (somehow it's always a mess)
    • Pick up bedroom
    • Do cold wash - mostly folded too
    • Clean toilets b/c they are still gross
    • Make dinner on Friday
  • Do something fun with lordaerith tonight, because I'm sure I'll need it - Mythbusters and hot chocolate is fun!
  • Go by Pita Pit about double charge
  • Personal Trainer Session 1 Tues @ 12:30pm (eep!)
  • Dr's appointment Tues @ 3:15
  • Meet up with parathalyn
  • Go to Texas Ren Faire next Saturday, because if I can get all this stuff done, I frakin' deserve it!
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