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It's raining in the bathroom

At around 9:30 tonight I was watching RENT! and happily singing along to the start of La Vie Boheme, when I heard a bang from upstairs. Not something I really thought about, for while our upstairs neighbours are generally quiet, we do hear them from time to time. However, it was loud enough that lordaerith asked me if someone was knocking at our door. Shortly after that i heard water running. My first thought was that it was the cat's water bowl, but the sound wasn't coming from there, it was coming from behind and to the right. I got up, thinking that it was the cats messing around in the bathroom. However, when I looked in the bathroom, I found out that there was water dripping from our ceiling around the air conditioning area. I called in Aerith to take a look as I went to find something to catch the water in. By the time I came back, the water was not only dripping from the ENTIRE air conditioning area, but also from the light fixture on the ceiling. And it was coming down FAST! I called maintenance and left an emergency page that our bathroom had water in it. While I laid down almost every towel we had on the edge of the bathroom carpeting (yes...there's carpeting in part of our bathroom...), Aerith went to see if our upstairs neighbour was there, but didn't get an answer. However, he did notice that the water was running through the wall outside. By the time he got back in, the paint on the wall in the bathroom was buckling and water was dripping into the coat closet. I placed another, very freaked out, call to maintenance. They called back about 9 minutes later, letting us know they were on their way.

After that, the water started to sound like it was somewhat slowing down and I thought I heard movement upstairs, so I went upstairs to see if the neighbours were there. She opens the door, after I knocked a bunch and rang the bell. Turns out her toilet was leaking all over her floor. She said she had turned off the valve (that must have been why the water had started to let up). I checked it and gave it a final turn off. She said that she had called maintenance half an hour ago...but somehow I didn't believe her. Of course, it would have been nice if she had come downstairs to let us know there was a problem so we could have been more prepared for our bathroom rain.

We start checking around and found out that in addition to the bathroom and coat closet (which we had cleaned out), the water had soaked through the floor/wall in the hall closet. Luckily when we cleaned out a little bit of the (very crowded) study closet, we didn't feel any wetness or find any boxes with water on the bottom of them.

Finally maintenance shows up and looks at everything and tell us that they've turned off the water upstairs (yippy!) and that they put in a call to their floor guy and he's coming tonight (hurray!). I think they were really amazed at how much water there was. It turns out her toilet tank seriously broke. Oh, and btw, they had two pages from me and none from her. I asked. I also offered them dinner because I made it tonight and there were leftovers (sometimes I am so much like my mother...).

So the floor guy is here now. Having dealt with upstairs, he is now vacuuming up the water from the bathroom and pulling up the rugs in the bathroom, hallway, and closets. Edit: he just left and there's a blower going in the bathroom to dry the rug.

Notice the water running from the ceiling, the light fixture, and how the wall is buckling.

A little flood on the floor.

Swelling paint above the toilet. It started leaking water soon after this picture was taken.

Derek, our new best friend.

In good news, dinner was really yummy and in the moving everything out of the coat closet and the bottom of the hall closet, we found the boy scout knife that Aerith had been looking for.
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