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Bathroom Update 2

On Sunday we found out that the ceiling was still dripping a little bit from the corner of the A/C panel and we could still see wetness on the ceiling. Put a pan under the drip and called maintenance about it as a non-emergency. Got a call back on Monday during class. (Got to love the "I'm sorry, I have water damage in my apartment, I got to take this call" excuse to run out of class for a few minutes). Was told that they haven't replaced the toilet yet, but that there was so much frakin' water that it was still wet.

Also on Sunday, washing machine started leaking a little bit when running the towels through it for a second time (they'd already gone through the dryer but still smelled funky). Ran draino through pipes and made sure machine was level. Ran cold wash last night. No dripping. *insert sigh of relief*

Aerith talked to office about everything yesterday. Carpet man coming on Tuesday of next week to replace carpet pads and do carpet cleaning. Need to find out about using A/C and heater. We moved the blower to the hall closet.

Two men came by today to look at the wall in the bathroom. Said that it was soft, probably still wet. Pulled off some paint. Will come back next week to repair wall (hard to get people to work around a holiday...). I told them about the water dripping outside too. Good thing we're not having guests over this week.
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