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Listy list

Update of the listy
  • Math
    • Computing 3
  • Databases
    • Read articles for class.
    • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with crabes and PS - due Dec. 5 at start of class
      • Help create input forms for data (using PHP)
      • Fix the wrong type of database and oops, we have no linked tables problem. Even troubleshoot and fix the issues
      • Create a logo and a favicon of it
      • Communicate with group about which video games, designers, companies, etc to enter into database and split up work
      • Add more entries to database
      • Help create queries and reports of queries
      • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
      • Figure out how to turn everything in to professor
  • Management
    • Read stuff on Communication
    • E-Portfolio - due Dec 7 by 11:30pm
      • Put up ideal job cover letter
      • Write up management competencies thing
        1. Look cute
        2. ?
        3. Global Domination
      • Write Personal Leadership Agenda
      • Create fake memo to boss
      • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
      • Post URL to BB
    • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Dec. 12 by 11:30pm
      • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
      • Help grant team with their budget
      • Participate in final editing process
      • Put final paper together
      • Create table of contents using nifty Word tricks and cover page
      • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
      • Celebrate with group!
  • Work
    • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial - still need to talk with Q about this
    • Work on iMovie class with AA
    • Teach iMovie class with AA
    • Get through end of semester insanity
  • Run Dishwasher
  • Do dishes
  • Tackle some of the folding of clean laundry
  • Make 2 important phone calls
  • Deal with the carpet people
  • Deal with the wall people - i think they're all least the wall is repainted.
  • Go to Karaoke tonight - didn't happen, too tired.
  • Contact PT about next session
  • Spend at least some time with friends this weekend
  • Fall over, go boom
And the fun part? That's still not everything I have to do by the end of the semester...

And of course it would go a lot faster if I stopped watching the D&D PHB PSAs.
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