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I present the (hopefully) last list of the semester.
  • Math
      Take home final - due to Prof by Fri. Dec. 14 @ 5pm
  • Databases
    • Read articles for class.
    • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with crabes and PS - due Wed Dec. 5 at start of class
      • Add more entries to database
      • Help create queries and reports of queries
      • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
      • Make forms extra pretty (only if time allows)
      • Email assignment to professor
  • Management
    • Read stuff on Ethics
    • Write post on Ethics and post it to BB - Due Wed Dec 5 by 11:30pm
    • E-Portfolio - due Fri Dec 7 by 11:30pm
      • Make edits to e-Portfolio based on mom and dad's ideas.
      • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
      • Post URL to BB
    • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Wed Dec. 12 by 11:30pm
      • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
      • Help grant team with their budget
      • Put final paper together
      • Create table of contents using nifty Word tricks and cover page
      • Participate in final editing process
      • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
      • Celebrate with group!
    • Fill out group member evaluation - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
    • Individual Management Development Plan Post - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
    • Course summary/suggestions Post - Due Sun Dec 9 by 11:30pm
  • Work
    • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial
    • Edit together Mail Merge tutorial video
    • Get through end of semester insanity
  • Fill out online course evaluations
  • Deal with the carpet cleaners who are hopefully coming today
  • Buy Chanukkah candles for tonight
  • Go to Karaoke tonight if not falling over - fell over instead.
  • Go to friend's moving out of town party tomorrow night
  • Contact PT about next session
  • Renew gym locker rental
  • Fall over, go boom
I really hope that's all of it...I think it is.
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