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quick update

This weekend lordaerith and I worked on the math materials boxes he's building for msfrizz's school. I sanded and painted finish on them. Nothing like finishing up the semester with 2 full days on your feet breathing sawdust and finish...but the boxes are all done, and that's what's important.

After we stopped working on Sunday I accompanied Aerith to his game. Got to see raenshadoe, last_bastion, noeticist, and meet some new people. I ended up crashing on the couch while they all fought a vampire.

On Monday I had my last day of work. It was nice and chill.

Last night we picked up crabes and headed out to noeticist's house for a Rock Band party. Oh, so much fun. I'm getting much better on the drums. I don't fail out now at all (on Easy). And lordaerith even sang a few songs (including Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld).

Today has been running errands day. Went to the Post Office, the Drug Store, and 3 different Hobby Lobbies looking for the clasps for the boxes. We now only need 4 more and I feel really good about how well I did driving on obscure roads so I could avoid the toll roads.

Well, off to run more errands and pick up lordaerith from work.

Falling over and going boom will have to happen later.
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