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my dream is kind of fuzzy, but i do remember some of it, so i will try to tell it as best as I can.

I remember that I was taking the Kevin Smith Male test (see entry below) or I was talking to someone (lordaerith?) about the results. Then someone else started talking about it. When I turned around, it was Jason Mewes. He said that he took it and got Randall or someone like that. Not Jay at all. So we were talking and hanging out and he had a livejournal too which i was reading. then there was something about people in swivel chairs, maybe Jason was sitting in one. Then I was typing something, or there was something about a computer and someone shutting it off and me getting mad at them, but i don't really remember. the rest is really really muddled, but i think there was a lot of confusion going on. hmm...strange.
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