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quick update 2

Taking a quick break from cleaning to post, since the Sears guy will be here soon.

Tuesday I finished running errands (credit union, gas station, dry cleaners), and then picked up lordaerith from work. Picked up finished boxes and then drove all the way south to yet another Hobby Lobby where we found the last 4 clasps. yay!

Somehow didn't get caught in too much traffic (I-35 Northbound at 5pm...i was shocked too) and hit up Toy Joy for gifts for family. OMG, why did nobody ever tell me how much fun/insane this place is? I could spend hours/lots of $$ here.

Hung out with FireCat, lawtalkyguy, and other friends that night. Went to Kerby Lane for food. FireCat is awesome and let me borrow her roll of Enhancer Fashion Tape so my nice (low-cut) dress stays in place on Saturday.

Yesterday was hanging out and starting to clean up the house. Was going to go see Enchanted (yes I want to see it. bite me) with crowgoddess, but that didn't work out. Went with lordaerith to production meeting of the play he's working on. Then we hit B&N (where he definitely didn't buy me any books for the holidays...) and Amy's for Ice Cream. Got to love a December where it's 70 in the day time and the night time is just warm enough to sit outside and eat ice cream. :)

Today has been more cleaning for me. Also ran to Post Office to mail presents to in-laws. When I got there I realized that I didn't have sis-in-law's address. One text message of her number to GOOGL later and I had her address. I do love Google, especially for stalking relatives *grin*.

Time for more cleaning. And then the Sears man will come and fix our washer so it will stop leaking water all over the floor (of course the warranty expired in August...). It's just the gasket, so it shouldn't take too long to fix (I hope). Then I can do all the laundry so we have clean clothes to pack for tonight. I actually have a list of everything to get done and everything i need to pack, but it's on paper, not on the internet. doesn't that make you happy?

PS. I got all As again this semester. I win at Information Science!
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