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grrs at sears

last week I call Sears.
Sears Repair Center Phone Guy: Hi how can we help you?
Me: My washer is leaking because the gasket has a hole in it.
SRCPH: Ok, we'll send someone to fix it. Next Thursday good for you?
Me: Yes. Thank you.

Repair Man: Hello, I'm here to fix your washer.
Me: Oh good, right this way. See, here is large hole in gasket *shows repair man large hole*
RM: Hmm...let me see if I have the part. BTW, it's called a boot.
Me: I told the people that I called EXACTLY what was wrong.
RM: Well, they don't write all that stuff down when they take the call.
Me: *blinks*
RM (after trying to look up the part number on his computer 3 times): Oh, the satellite isn't working. I'll be right back.
Me: *blinks again*
RM: Well, I don't have the part with me, but you can order it and then I'll come back. It'll cost about $400 with parts and labor.
Me: *thinks: $400 to change a piece of rubber that you don't have with you even though I stated exactly what was wrong?!?!?!?!?* Thank you very much. Here is my credit card for the deposit.
RM: Oops, satellite is out again. *leaves and comes back with receipt*
Me: *signs it*

So now I have an appointment for after we return from New Orleans. Of course this means I get to run MORE loads of laundry with a broken washer and paper towels on the floor. <sarcasm>Joy and bliss</sarcasm>. Oh, and I checked the manual online and they call it a gasket in there and it's called a gasket on the receipt.

I call Sears to complain
Sears Repair Center Phone Woman: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: I want to make a complaint about the service I got.
SRCPW: Let me pull up your account.
Me: Here's my information.
SRCPW: You had a repair because your washer was leaking and there was a hole in below?
Me: No, in the gasket, which is exactly what I told the person I talked to.
SRCPW: Oh. He wrote below.
Me: I said gasket. And when the person came to fix it, he didn't have a gasket with him.
SRCPW: Well, he was just going out to see what was wrong and to give you an estimate.
Me: What????
SRCPW: That's all he was supposed to do. If it was minor he could have fixed it.
Me: He couldn't have brought a gasket, even though I SAID that was needed.
SRCPW: No. He left to work from his home. He wouldn't have had the part.
Me: You're shitting me. I was expecting him to do the work today. I'm going out of town tomorrow.
SRCPW: Nope. Now, you could have ordered the part when you were on the phone last week. Then you would have had it and he could have installed it.
Me: No one told me that!
SRCPW: I'm really sorry about that. I'll make a note of it. There's nothing more I can do. The part is on its way to you. I'd rush the delivery, but you already said that you'd be out of town next week.
Me: *sigh* I know it's not your fault that I'm upset. Thanks for trying. At least I know better now.
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