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the continuing store of the washer

Let's return now to the continuing story of trying to get the washer fixed.

Monday I get a call from Sears:
Lady Who Called Me: Hi Ms. Athene, we're just checking to see if the part for the repair has come in yet.
Me: I'm not sure. Just got back from vacation and I haven't been able to check with the apartment office. There was nothing in my box on Friday to say something has come in.
LWCM: Ok, well, it should have come in. Do you think you'll have it for your appointment on Wednesday?
Me: I think so.
LWCM: Do you want to reschedule or cancel the appointment?
Me: No. If I don't have the part by Wednesday morning I'll call y'all.

This morning (very early) I get another call from Sears:
Different Lady Who Called Me: Hi Ms. Athene. Do you have the part yet?
Me: No, but I have to check with the office.
DLWCM: Well, if you don't have the part, we have to cancel the appointment. We can't send someone out unless you have the part and we need 24 hours to send them out.
Me: WTF?? Don't cancel the appointment. If I don't have the part, I will call YOU to cancel. Otherwise there better be someone at my house today!
DLWCM: If you don't have the part, he can't do anything.
Me: If I don't call you, I better see someone at my house TODAY!
DLWCM: Have a good day. *practically hangs up on me*

I call the apartment office soon after they open at 9am and find out there is no package for me there (somehow I'm not surprised).

I call Sears. I am on hold with them for avery long time before someone picks up.
Me: Hi, I had a service call scheduled. The part isn't here yet. I need to do something about that.
Nice Woman with Accent: I can reschedule that appointment for you. Your part is backordered until January 12. Do you want to set it up for after that?
Me *utterly flabbergasted*: WHAT??
NWwA: Oh yes. It says so right here.
Me: How come I've had two calls asking me if it's come yet?
NWwA: They don't have access to this software.
Me *really angry now*: That's crazy. My washing machine is broken. Why did no one call to tell me this??
NWwA: I don't know. We can look in the area to see if someone else has it.
Me: You know what? Don't reschedule the appointment. Call me as soon as the part has come in. I'll reschedule then.

I have decided to see if I can find someone local to fix it a) for less and b) sooner. If so, I am going to call Sears and tell them to shove it and that they better refund my credit card for EVERYTHING, even the service call. So, anyone local have/know of a good local appliance repair place?
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