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washing machine saga update

Got a call from Sears this morning.
Nikki (I think that was her name): Hi Ms. Athene. We just want to let you know that your part is being shipped to you today.
Me: For real-real or for play-play?
Nikki: It says it in the computer. Would you like to set something up for next Friday, it should be in by then.
Me: Sure. Why not?
Nikki: Call us to let us know you got it.
Me: Will do. *thinking: I can always cancel.*

Since that call I have called 1 parts place and 5 local repair places. Found out from the parts place that the part I need only costs $140 + tax, not the $220 + tax that Sears wants to charge me. One internet search for the part later and I have found it for $80-$120. I have also found 2 different sets of instructions on how to change it myself. 2 of the 5 local repair places would not give an over-the-phone estimate and wanted to charge to have someone come out and look at it. 3 of the 5 were willing to talk/look up stuff and call me back; of those 3, 2 of them I really liked the sound of (I've gotten recommendations for those two from friends) and the other one had a bad online review. So, we'll wait for those two and make a decision from there. And I'll be calling Sears back either today or tomorrow. That'll be fun...

Oh, and for my own reference (and in case you're wondering), it's a GE Front-Loading Washer model number is WBVH6420FWW and the part number is WH08X10022. Also, covering the rip with packing tape (we're out of duct tape...can you believe it???) before each load prevents most of the leaking.

Edit: Just got a call back from one of the places I like. Total will be around $275 ($125 less than Sears) for parts & labor AND if they order the part today, they can be her Monday or Tuesday (at the latest)...

Edit2: Just called back the nice place that I like from the previous edit to book the repair with them. It will be either Monday or Tuesday depending on when the part comes in.

Edit3: Just got off the phone with Sears. They were very nice and canceled my appointment for me. They also informed the local service people that I would like a full refund and that I would be very upset if I didn't get it
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