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NYE and beyond

Went to NYE party at noeticist and seripis house. I baked two cakes for the occasion, a golden Dragon cake and a chocolate Castle cake.

The party was a lot of fun and the cakes went over really well.

The next day we went back to the house and played Rock Band.

Since NYE I've mostly been hanging around the house getting house work done and dealing with the Washer Saga™. Got the oil changed on the Camry on Thurs. Realized when I got home that they put in regular oil instead of the synthetic, even though I'd asked for the synthetic. Called them up (as they were about to close) and they said I could bring it back on Friday and they'd fix it. I brought it back after lordaerith got home from work and they put in the right oil and gave it a car wash for free. :)

Today I'm hoping to go see Enchanted. It's such a nice day out too. In the mid-70s.
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