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Washer saga almost over & the Great Book Search of '08

Washer Saga
On Tuesday morning I called Sears because the part had come in from them and I wanted to return it:
Me: I want to return this
Person on phone: Oh, you want Parts. *X-fers me to Parts*
Me: I want to return my order
Parts: Oh, you want this other department *X-fers me there*
Me: Hi, I want to return my order and get all my money back.
Mark: Umm...okay. Let me see about picking the part back up.
Me: *waits on hold*
Mark: They can pick it up. Can you leave it outside of your house?
Me: Can they get it from the office? I'd feel better about that,
Mark: Oh...let me check
Me: *waits on hold some more*
Mark: Yes. They can do that. You'll get your refund after the part is returned. It'll take about a week to process.
Me: Good. I want a full refund.
Mark: Yes, that's noted in your account. Here's the direct number to this department.
Me: Thank you, talk to you next week.

I bring the part to the office and head to school for a meeting.

That afternoon I get a call while on the bus coming back home. It's the repair man from Cornerstone Appliance Repair saying he'd be at my house in 20-30 min. When I told him I was on the bus, he said he'd wait for me if I wasn't there when he got there. Wow. But I got there first. He showed up just after I finished feeding the cats. He had the correct part with him.
Repair Guy: I'm here with the part to fix your washer.
Me: Awesome. It's right here.
RG: Cool. I'll take apart the whole thing, replace the gasket, empty the pump (and show you how to do it), and have an interesting conversation with you while charging you over $100 less than Sears.
Me: I'll watch you replace the gasket, clean the plug, and have an interesting conversation with you. Here's your payment. Thank you for being so nice, having reasonable prices, being on time, and being able to fix this quickly. Next I'm I have a problem I'm calling Cornerstone Appliance Repair instead of Sears.

The Great Book Search of '08
That night I picked up kisoumi and timeofmylife587 and took them to Book People. After looking through all the books on the first floor and most of the books on the second floor I asked A Girl Named Palmer who was working in the children's section (and had made some good recommendations to me) if she could see if they had any of the books I needed for school. I'd rather support a local bookstore than the UT Co-op, Amazon, or B&N. I gave her a list with author's name, book title, and ISBN numbers. Yes, I'm in library school and it shows :). The first two books they would have had to order and there would be a surcharge so I didn't order them *sadness*. However the book for my New Media class was listed as being in the clearance section. Not sure if any of you Austin people have actually tried to find something in Book People's clearance section. Books loosely grouped by fiction and non-fiction and then if you're lucky they're in alphabetical order by author. I couldn't find the book, Palmer couldn't find the book, and even kisoumi helped us look and couldn't find it. Finally after over 15 minutes of searching through the shelves and being pretty sure it wasn't there, I was like, "What is New Media anyway, I mean...oh, here it is." Yup, sitting nicely in the fiction section was the textbook I needed for class. It had a couple of pages folded down and writing on one page, but I think I can deal with that, especially because I got it for half the price of a brand new copy.

Also, kisoumi got me a copy of The Amulet of Samarkand on the advice of Palmer to thank me for driving her ass all around Austin ;).

Today I cleaned up some files on my computer and reorganized my Buddy lists in Adium. I feel ready for school to start. If only I could decide which classes to take (there are 4 I'm really interested in. I'm going to go to all of them the first week and decide after that).

PS. My awesome sister made me my icon. ICON LOVE!
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