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Dancing at Touchstone

Went dancing last night at Touchstone Farm with littlejane and the Lady. Was just going to be me and the Lady, but after reading Jane's post, while driving by Smith I had an urge to pick her up. Was a good idea.

I knew *basically* how to get there, but I recognized the turn after we had pasted it. Oops. Oh well. But we got there just fine. Then we weren't sure if/where the dancing was, so I bravely went and knocked at the house and found out that it was happening at the barn. YAY. So we walked to the Barn. I forgot just how magical Touchstone can be! The air, the trees, everything even covered in snow is still amazing!

I love the space in the barn. it's so wonderful. Anya was there and gave me a hug and everyone who was already there were so accepting of us, even though they were all older.

And the dancing. Dancing is good for the soul!!!!! It was the long dance night. We learned so many dances and sang and i'm not even sure if i can describe them all in here. I remember starting out with an Egyptian? dance to ground. Then there were many other dances. At the end one of the early ones I remember being bathed in a really bright light by some big spirit out there. The only weird thing was that during a somewhat complicated dance from Israel, i felt this really big something trying to claim me. I knew it was doing it because of my Jewish heritage. But i really didn't want it to and it scared me for some reason. But the space was great and the energy was great. I remember thinking at one point, "uh oh, here comes a really big ball of ritual crack." I really liked the last song. it was so nice. and then we toned. it's amazing how much energy we can raise.

Afterwards there was this really sweet tea that was nice, but we left early because we were all very hungry.

Some thoughts I had while dancing there:
Dancing is good for the soul.
Most of the world outside of Smith has only 2 genders. Sometimes this is really really nice.
Large amounts of male energy is something I haven't worked with, but it is not scary. In fact, I think that it would be nice to work with it more often.
Remember the steps, but don't pay too much attention to them (unless you step on someone else's feet *G*).
Shaker is the green man.
The spirit loves me.

On the way home, the Lady, Jane and I were talking about all sorts of fun pagan things like element attunement and tools and stuff. I am sooo air. Jane is water, and I would say that the Lady is Earth. We were teasing that we need a fire (i think that Nayone is fire) and we could be The Craft. hehehe. But this conversation led me to realize why i am the way i am after rituals. I tend to bounce up and down in energy levels. I realize this is because I am like the air currents, rising high and wanting to float away and then dipping down and crashing to the earth only to raise back up again. Not that this is a bad thing, and i really don't know how to be any other way. but it is helpful to understand.

We are definitely going back and dancing more. Maybe we will try the sat. night dance instead. Yay for dancing and yay for wonderful friends!
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