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We got iPhones on Wed. Yay! They are teh awesome and make me happy. I named mine Izzy.

Classes are going well, which is always good. Getting back into the rhythm of class/work/homework. Have a presentation on Thursday on the Drexel Costume Collection. I really like this site, so I'm excited about it.

Work is also going well. Taught an Intro to Macs and Leopard yesterday with crabes. Helped two people learn about making web pages, html, and css. Even impressed a professor with basic javascript code (oh Dynamic Drive I loves you so much!).

And the list of performers for Jazz Fest has been announced. Jimmy Buffet on the second Saturday. And classes will be over by then. Hells yeah!

And, after a miserable rainy week, it's going to be somewhat sunny and in the upper 60s this weekend.
Tags: grad school, jazz fest, technology, work

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