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The end of the washer saga

I finally looked at my credit card statement today. Guess what, there wasn't a refund from Sears. So I called Sears; in fact, I called the direct number to their complaints department. Talked to R. who was very nice and got in touch with my local Sears people. Somehow they weren't sure if the part had been picked up and they wanted me to call the apartment office to make sure that it had been. I placed Sears on hold and got in touch with the office, who assured me that it had been. (Side note: The iPhones have a hold feature and lets you make another call while the first one is on hold. I love my iPhone so much!!) Talked to J at my local Sears. She is giving me a refund of everything but the initial tech visit. Since there's no way to get that back, I've decided it's a stupid tax on myself for not doing research/calling a local tech first.

The end (I hope).
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