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chat updates

so, i installed the new mac version of icq. much goodness and happyness.

then i installed the new aim and for some bazzar reason threw out the old folder. the new version had SOOOO many issues!! it was just fucking up and freazing and doing all sorts of weird things. luckly Aerith was nice enough to have me put up each of the buddy icons i had just downloaded and then send them to me over icq so i could save them. he's the BEST boyfriend!!! then i totally got rid of aim and re-installed the older better working version. hurray. now i can chat with Nayone and Aerith. hurray :)

my e-mail checker is also being weird. it tells me i have new messages, but won't tell me the folder. oh well.

just realized that i never finished that e-mail to the crazy russian (my best friend since 8th grade). oops. should do that now.
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