Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe


Had a good end of week / weekend.

On Thursday night, crabes and I went to the 90s One-Hit Wonders Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. We met up with noeticist, Bouncy, and Photoman there along with a friend from school. OMG! 2 hours of a full house screaming the words of your favorite One-Hit Wonder songs from the 90s, complete with head-banging, grooving, and waving of cell phones/lighters. So many songs that I totally forgot that I loved so much. Of course nobody still has any idea what they guy who sings "Informer" is actually saying :).

On Friday night, lordaerith made stir-fry and we watched the first episode of Lost's 4th season. This is more like it. A big mystery, lots of questions, no idea what's going on. This is the Lost I know and love.

On Saturday I got some homework done and then in the evening iskanderia came over. We subjected her to Grosse Pointe Blank and in retaliation, she subjected us to Caligula. All 2+ hours of naked bottoms and crazy emperors. In the middle of this movie watching madness, we walked over to Amy's Ice Cream. This time not only did we know the quote, but I'd happened to have had the movie (the Incredibles) on my iPhone. Instead of saying the name of the movie out loud, I just showed the person serving us the ice cream a screen shot and said, "It's from this." :)

On Sunday I did more reading for class (big surprise...) and noeticist came over for Beef Stroganoff, which lordaerith made and Guitar Hero. He also showed us what Eve looks like. Very pretty. Since there's a Mac version, I'm thinking about possibly picking it up. Not sure if I'll really have time to play though. Also caught the last quarter of the Super Bowl (go Giants/Manning) and a bit of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet (too cute!).

It's so nice here today that I'm wearing a knee length skirt.
Tags: food, friends, homework, ice cream, lost, movies, sing-along

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