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smithies week

Apparently this is Smithie week for me.

On Monday I ran into fillefantome as I was leaving the library (after class where I got to play with the coolest monolith-looking transparency scanner) and she was entering it. We got to catch up for a while, which was cool.

On Tuesday I was about to get on the bus (after class where we were discussing the political economy of new media) when I hear my name being called out. Turns out that crowgoddess was driving by and saw me. So I jumped in her car, made her drive me home, and then forced her to play with my cats...which I'm sure she minded soooo much.

Then today I was looking up stuff about and I found out that the grad student who wrote up the really detailed documentation was also a Smithie. So I sent her an e-mail to say Hi.

If the week progresses in this fashion then I should run into at least one of the two Smithies in my program before the week is over.
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