Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

eewwy buggy-ness

So, we have/had? weevils in our pantry.

For the past week I've noticed the odd tiny bug in the pantry. The other day there was one in my cereal bowl and a few in the cats's food bowl...eewwww. So I called management. The guy came by today. Apparently they are weevils. He said that we had to find in which dry product they were nesting and once we throw that out we should be okay.

I went through some of the boxes in before leaving for campus and apparently they were nesting in the matzah box. eewww. eeewww. eeewwwy. I threw it out and a few of the other open boxes that had a few weevils in them. I then wiped down the part of the pantry that that box was sitting on (it was directly above the cereal boxes).

Next step is to go through everything else and make sure there are no weevils in them. There weren't any (that I could see) in the rice, which is good.

In other news, Aerith currently has a drooling kitty on his lap.
Tags: bugs

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