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Forced reorganization

In an effort to spend more time avoiding doing homework this weekend and to check on the weevil situation, lordaerith and I spent a good deal of time today cleaning out the pantry, cleaning the pantry, and re-organizing it.

I am happy to report that only the rice and the cat food seemed to have a number of weevils in them. A few other things were thrown out because they either had a strong weevil investation possibility or we had no idea what they were (is it soup spices, tea, or something else?) or we never use it and will never use it and it's not the kind of thing you can give to someone else. Also the reorganization of the pantry makes me much happier and should make it easier to find things, like snacks which are now all on one shelf.

Back to readings on race and cyberspace, which will at some point mention either Bladerunner or Neuromancer or both.
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