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woes of lunch

Today I brought with me a Seeds of Change Venetain Penne Marinara frozen entree for lunch. This is my favorite frozen entree type thing of all time. It tastes great and it's all organic, which means that there aren't any nasty chemicals to leave a nasty chemical taste in your mouth. I was glad to find out that the newer microwave was working (it wasn't working so well last week) and happily heated up my lunch. I pealed the wrapping off in the kitchen to make sure it was done (it was) and headed back to the lab. Just as I was about to set the whole thing down it tipped over and the whole thing fell to the first of course. I almost cried, but didn't. Instead I cleaned up the mess, with my co-worker's help. Then, since my shift was pretty much over and I had decided that the universe obviously did not want me to eat a healthy lunch today, I went to Wendy's and made sure to get a chocolate frosty with my meal.
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