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It must be nearing the end of the semester

...cause the lists are starting again.

Actually there are 5 weeks left, but I have so much to do that I need me a list.
  • Advanced Digitization
    • 15 page paper due April 14
      • Revise proposal based on prof's suggestions
      • Go over each of the three video collections' (Open Video Project, Living Room Candidate, and Folkstreams) web sites, published literature, and already conducted interviews to see how they hold up to the NISO Digital Collections "Collections" principles.
      • Send out questions to contacts for missing information
      • Write paper based on research and interviews (by April 10??)
      • Have someone who is a stickler for grammar look over paper (mother?) cause prof is picky.
      • Create annotated bibliography?
    • 20 min presentation on paper due April 28
    • Stay on top of readings

  • New Media Technology and Culture
    • 25-30 page paper due April 29
      • Do the research on Lost (specifically Nikki and Paulo)
        • Keep listening to Official Lost Podcast
        • Find more postings from Television with out Pity and bookmark/print them out.
        • Find more magazine articles about Nikki and Paulo
        • Find more background lit - look into TV Fandom
      • Make changes, do research, etc based on return of paper proposal
      • Write and Edit paper
      • Make changes based on presentation feedback
      • Update Bibliography
    • Research Paper Presentation (20 min) due April 22
      • Create presentation based on findings at that date.
    • Stay on top of readings

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Assignment 3 - Central Texas Gardner due May 1
      • Work with group to come up with ideas for their web site
    • Assignment 4 - Preserving Texas Past due May 1, with updates to client due every Thurs.
      • Look over MDB's research into contents of collection. figure out what is needed for database
      • Work on coming up with database structure
      • Figure out a metadata schema that would work well for collection
      • Help MDB with interface look
      • Come up with ideas for future
      • Document EVERYTHING for the paper
    • Stay on top of readings

  • Capstone
    • Get all paperwork filled out and turned in by April 25.
    • Finalize web site design
    • Find out about web hosting stuff and work it all out
    • Get basic web site up by time store opens for Summer, April 25?
    • Contact archives about taking the materials/letting me use their digitization equipment

  • Work
    • Finish up Mail Merge tutorial video (I mean it this time)
    • Prep for and teach CSS workshop - April 4
    • Get generic short course feedback form up and working

  • Attend Edible Book Festival - March 29
  • Go to Karaoke at least once or twice more to relax
  • Celebrate end of semester by going home for Jazz Fest - May 2-5.
  • Look into registering for JCDL in June (and figure out everything that goes along with it). Early registration deadline is May 19.
  • Register for SSA in late May.
  • Make poster for SSA.
  • Start thinking about possibly starting to look for and apply to jobs
I'm sure other things will come up (and there's always the ever-present housework), but this is all I can think of for now. Is sooo much...
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