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List for today/rest of week

A list, because I need one.
  • Adv. Dig Paper
    • write up each collection based on NISO Principles, with information currently at hand
      • Principle 2
      • Principle 3
      • Principle 4
      • Principle 5
      • Principle 6
      • Principle 7
      • Principle 8
      • Principle 9
    • Get in touch with Collection managers if haven't gotten emails from by 4pm today to see about answering questions sent out last week
      • Living Room Candidate - talked to Stupid Receptionist™ 2 times before making it clear that "his mail box is full" meant that no matter how many times you transfered me to it, it still wouldn't let me leave a message. The 3rd time I talked to him he took a message for me.
      • Folkstreams - sent a second email - got response, finally

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Do readings for tomorrow
    • CTG
      • Participate on wiki (specifically about Web 2.0 ideas)
    • Texas Past
      • Fix up ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Start figuring how to map fields to Dublin Core

  • New Media Research paper
    • Find/read through more forum posts
    • Look into reading suggested by prof

  • House stuff
    • Empty/refill dishwasher
    • Do warm wash
    • Eat lunch
    • Prep chicken for dinner? - used the Forman so it was okay that the chicken was still frozen.
    • Avoid reading Tangled Webs - I fail at this, as I am currently on page 160 finished it today.
OK, I can do this.
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