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State of 'Thene, part deux

So, remember how last weekend I hurt my voice screaming to Cowboy Mouth? On Friday morning I thought that I had re-hurt my voice late Thursday nihgt...ummm...trying not to wake the neighbours *wink*. But on Saturday I felt kinda crappy and wasn't sure if I should go to the party. On Sunday it was worse. I was helping lordaerith clean up the house and I would get winded after a small bit of exertion. I thought it was just being so tired from the previous week. But last night i had a lot of trouble falling asleep (I kept waking up) and this morning dashing into the study from the living room to answer my phone got me out of breath. So, I emailed out of work and headed over to Health Services.

When I got to the nurses station, the first thing she said to me was "you're short of breath." which is true, I was. After sitting with a nurse for a while and giving her my symptoms: shortness of breath, occasional painful coughing, no head cold or chest cold feelings, she offered me the choice of either going to Urgent Care or seeing a Dr. in 50 min. I went with Urgent Care. It took them over an hour to get me into a room (I should have gone with the Dr. appointment option). The nurse took my temp and blood pressure and had me do an asthma test (I don't have asthma and I don't have any allergies other than dust, which just makes me sneezy, that I know of). Eventually the Dr. came in and she listened to my chest and had me do the breath test again. She wasn't sure what was up, so it was over to the radiology people to get a chest x-ray where I impressed the radiologist with my knowledge of how to take chest/back x-rays (hey, you do enough of them as an adolescent with scoliosis and you get really good at it). The dr. couldn't really see anything in the x-rays, but said it was most probably a minor infection/something got into my lungs. She had me take this vaporized medicine which totally kicked up my adrenaline and gave me the jitters. So not fun. Then she wrote me prescriptions for an antibiotic, a twice-a-day inhaling medicine, and a fast-acting inhaler. I have another appointment with her on Thursday to see how I'm doing.

By the time the prescriptions were filled, it was almost 2:30pm, meaning my 1pm class was almost half over. Luckily I had emailed my prof from my phone to tell her I was at Health Services and would be late.* While most people probably would have gone home, I was silly and went to class because we were having a guest lecturer and I wanted to be there for at least some of the class. Got there right as mid-class break started. Prof was sweet and got me a green tea from coffee shop.

Took bus home from school and it got in just as lordaerith was getting home from work so he was able to pick me up from the bus stop, which was good. Had a minor panic attack about how I have way too much to do to be sick. Think I freaked out lordaerith somewhat. But he was sweet and made me food (cause I hadn't eaten since breakfast) and that helped. I'm just going to do what I can and not worry so much about it. But this whole not fully breathing thing seriously sucks.

*My iPhone was my savior today. I was able to email people, text with lordaerith and browse the net when left alone to wait.
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