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Home stretch

One week + one day until my last day of classes.
  • Adv. Digitization
    • Create 15 minute presentation about paper - due Monday April 28

  • Digital Media Collections
    • Do readings for tomorrow
    • Do readings for last class.
    • CTG - final documentation/presentation due May 1
      • Finalize ideas for Web 2.0/Video options.
      • Help to start writing up documentation
      • Edit final documentation
      • Work on presentation
    • Texas Past - final documentation/presentation due May 1
      • Talk to Prof about changes that need to be made to database design after yesterday's conversation with client
      • Update ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Write up info about metadata/metadata schemas/Dublin Core
      • Write up possibilities for mapping fields to Dublin Core
      • Write up ideas about interoperability
      • Write up ideas about following NISO standards
      • Re-update ERD and Data Dictionary
      • Work on presentation
      • Meet with Client on May 12

  • New Media Research 25-30 page paper - due May 13
    • Start really pulling research together
    • Look into reading suggested by prof
    • Start writing the whole thing
    • Write the whole thing
    • Edit it
    • Turn it in!

  • Work
    • Help pull together list of unpublished materials that need to be published
    • Finish editing Mail Merge tutorial video already
    • Keep up with end of the semester insanity

  • House stuff
    • Empty/refill dishwasher
    • Eat lunch

  • Other Stuff
    • Go to New Orleans for Jazz Fest
    • Look into registering for and figuring out everything that goes along with attending
      • SSA - not going
      • JCDL
        • Join ACM
        • Email person who offered a room about said room
        • Register for conference
        • Figure out flights
    • Make poster for SSA - not needed cause I'm not going
    • Work/meetings for Game Scholar project
Not too too bad...I think. At least I am really starting to feel better (finally).
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