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Last night was Haven at Diva's. How totally wonderful! I had a great time. The place looked so nice. The bathrooms were clean and I really liked what they did with the bar area and the back room and stuff.

The music was good too. I really really enjoyed either listening to it, or dancing to it. It was so nice to hear again. I mean, I have "goth" stuff on my comp, but not everything that they have. Got to dance with Wolfboy for Mummers Dance. Hurray. I love dancing with him. And I got to dance with Aerith for Voices Carry. OMG, when I heard that song at the end of the night, i almost cried. it was so wonderful. Aerith is sexy...but that's another story. Also danced with Little Jane. Didn't get to dance with skennedy. oh well. And danced w/Buffie for Magic Dance. Yay for David Bowie!!!!!!

My toe didn't hurt me at all, which I was worried about, wearing heals and all. well, it did twindge once for a moment, but that was all. My right knee did hurt me by the end of the night, but i haven't been dancing in AGES, so is understandable.

It was good seeing people again. There were so many people that I hadn't really realized that I was missing. There were a few people who weren't there, but I will be dragging them soon. (yes, Nayone you are one of them).

It was home. In every way. I knew where to dance, where certain people were going to be, how to walk around corners. It felt right. And the place LOOKED great. I was so happy to be there. I think that Wolfboy had it right when he said, "We were in a barn (Pearl St), then a closet (Grotto), and now we're home." So true. So true.

Yes, Cimmy, I got many compliments on the shirt. Thank you again. it was wonderful.

And the best part is...
So, next week, at DIVA's. 9pm-1am. cover $5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20. See y'all there!!!!
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