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Rock Band, Breakfast Tacos, and Rocky Horror

Friday night lordaerith and I dragged syhira to noeticist's Rock Band party. He'd gotten a bunch of new songs, so that was awesome. One of the new songs was Still Alive from Portal. I had recently memorized this song. When there was a large enough group, I grabbed the mic, picked Still Alive, set my level to Easy, walked up to next to the TV, turned away from the screen and proceeded to sing the whole song without looking at the screen at all (ok, I glanced at it twice to see when to start a verse). I got 98%. I think that's pretty impressive. I only messed up once at the end of the third verse. Next time lordaerith says if I keep my eyes open he'll cue me when to activate Star Power/Energy Phrase/Whatever it's called.

The rest of the Rock Band party was also a lot of fun. Got to see maddaddy, who was looking pretty beat-up after his bad scooter accident last weekend. Also there was this crazy thunderstorm going on outside with amazing bursts of lightening. Also, I learned that if I'm going to sing something funny that isn't the actual lyrics, don't laugh because it will throw off my score.

Saturday lordaerith and I decided that we needed to go to Kerbey Lane for brunch. I had a pancake and a potato, egg, and cheese breakfast taco. Yes, I willingly ordered a breakfast taco. Lookout, I may be turning into an Austinite.

Saturday afternoon the plan was to get some work done and then head over to Eeyore's Birthday, but I ended up with so much more to do than I thought that we didn't get to go. Well, next year, I hope.

Yesterday evening syhira came back over and we watched the new episode of BSG. Yay for BSG. I just wonder if there were more Starbuck & crew scenes that they cut out of that episode.

Yesterday night, late, I was really feeling restless (not sure if it was stress, George's visit, something else, or a wacky combination) when I saw that eliset was heading out to RHPS. I decided that it was just what I needed so I threw on an all-white outfit and met up with her and soupwiththefork. Had an awesome time screaming obscenities at the screen and watching a pretty fun cast. It really was just what I needed. And eliset was an awesome sugar mamma, literally, cause she bought me a $5 shake :).

Today the forecast is homework, homework, and more homework.
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