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End of the semester and rockin' the place

Yesterday I turned in my very last paper both for the semester and that I will ever have to write for my Masters. Just my capstone and then I'm done! Yay!!!

Also had what is probably my last day of work for the semester. Got to play with rewiring the audio on 66% of the computers in the digitization lab (did the other 33% earlier in the semester). syhira came and helped me which made the whole process go a lot faster. Rocked out to my "Tori Dolls choice" station on Pandora the whole time :)

Came home and took a nap as I'd gotten very little sleep finishing up the last paper. lordaerith made a yummy dinner of potatoes-au-gratin, bison steak, and asparagus. Watched last week's episode of Lost, which I hadn't seen due to writing my paper on Lost.

Went out to Karaoke. Was there from about 10pm to about 1:30am. The new KJ was cute. She kept having problems though. First the next to the stage monitor wasn't working (FireCat and I tried to troubleshoot it, but we couldn't figure it out) and then the cord kept falling off of the mic (at least those it happened to were able to fix it before their song started).

I sung a lot and totally rocked it. The songs that I sung for my turns were in order:
  1. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
  2. Hand In My Pocket - Alanis
  3. Stacey's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
  4. Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
  5. Walk This Way - Run DMC version
  6. Long Time - Boston
I decided that I had to sing Papa Don't Preach after it came on my iPod yesterday and I found myself singing it out loud while walking across campus. Even startled my boss *grin*. I've decided that I like the Aerosmith version of Walk This Way better for karaoke purposes because it has all the words and it flows smoother, IMO. I didn't sing it by myself though. One of our group did the chorus part. Also, Long Time has a 2:40min intro due to also having Foreplay attached at the beginning of it. It's fun to go up for a song, and then go sit back down for a few minutes :)

In addition to the songs above, I also sang Bohemian Rhapsody with "The Group" (ie anyone we could convince to go on stage with us) and "On My Own" with zyrain on his turn. Turns out I had most of the words in that song. Oh well.

I totally rocked almost all of the songs I sung and had a really good time!

Today was a lazy lazy recovery day for me. Probably more lazy than it should have been...going out with maddaddy to see Speed Racer tonight. Best get ready.
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