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work and chocolate

I ment to post this yesterday, but I didn't.

Somedays, I love my job. So, yesterday I was at work and this older woman comes in with her husband(?) and says that she needs to open an account for webspace. I print out the form and ask in my usual obnoxious way, "You have chocolate?" Well...not only did she have a little bit of chocolate in her pocket, but the guy with her picks up the phone and dials off-campus to this candy store in town called Sweet Expectations. It turns out that his mother owns the store and he gives her my name and description and asks her to lay aside some candy for me. After work I met Aerith in town and we went to the store where we met the guy's mom who runs the store. It was really nice in there. And the best part is that she had some candy set aside for me for real!!! hurray for free candy. we also bought some other candy from her. I know I will be going back to that store.

in other news, the spa night last night went pretty well. :) but it was missing someone in particular.
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