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The really long post I've been meaning to write for a while

As I'm sure all of you are aware from my twitter updates, I'm currently in New Orleans. I wanted to write many times, but I've always been too busy/tired.

Got in on Monday of last week (an hour late). queencimmy picked me up and we got mani/pedis. Then met up with AH, who I will now call Sweetness, to discuss my capstone project and stuff.

On Tuesday I ran errands with Sweetness in the morning and went out to lunch with queencimmy and nola_poet and his friend in the afternoon to Crabby Jack's. After lunch we were hanging out at mom's house when we saw the mice. There are mice because of all the abandoned houses and the like. One of them was chased onto a sticky pad, but the other one escaped. We named the one on the sticky pad Sticky and the other one Houdini. Poor Sticky.

On Wed. I drove mom to work. In the afternoon I was on my way to Whole Foods, but somehow ended up at Hansen's in line for a snoball. Probably because the day was so hot. I got a "mocha" snoball (half cream of chocolate, half cream of coffee). Then I headed to Whole Foods. At Whole Foods there was no one at the meat counter so I had to get the guy's attention. We ended up talking about snoballs and Hansen's. He asked for a taste of my snoball and was surprised when I gave one to him. He then gave me .25lbs off of my meat as a thank you for the bite. :) Also teased with the bagger about taking him home in the bag. I really love this city sometimes.

Wed night we went to the Prytania for a midnight showing of Indiana Jones. Was a lot of fun. I like the movie...but WTF ALIENS???? I think that queencimmy had it right when she said that the three things that Steven Spielberg likes are 1)Aliens, 2)His wife, and 3)WWII.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday saw me running more errands both by myself and with Sweetness and doing other things for my capstone. In terms of my capstone, I considered last week to be my prep week. I've blogged more extensively about what I've done for it on the Sno-Bliz blog. Also got to finally meet coffeebeanben. Thursday night I went with mom to a group dinner thing that was a lot of fun. Got to talk about musicals and play with a little baby.

Saturday night Oblivion and I went out to dinner at Lebanon's Cafe where we randomly ran into a huge group of people that he knew, some of whom I knew too and hadn't seen in ages. Unfortunately they already had way too many people at their table, so we ate a the next table and harassed them *grin*. Then we headed down to the quarter to meet up with the group at Pravda. Had good geeky conversation. Yay.

Sunday queencimmy, her friend M from out of town, and I went down to the Quarter. We started out at Cafe Du Monde and then walked around Charters and Decatur and stuff for shopping. I got two pairs of really cute shoes that fit me and were on uber-sale. Hurray! (It's so hard for me to find shoes, this is amazing). We stopped by CimDouble's and played some Wii Fit, which was fun, even if it does try to make you cry. Tried to take M to Hansen's, but they'd had such a busy day that they ran out of ice at 6:30pm and had to close early! Ended up at Deanie's for dinner instead.

Today I worked on trying to clean up the clothing in my room. I threw out 4 bags of old icky clothes (and shoes) and have a huge pile of stuff to donate. Also found an old t-shirt and an old sweatshirt of Quee's that I must have stolen from him when we were dating 10 years ago. I wonder if he wants them back...

Tomorrow is more work on my capstone and then queencimmy and I head back to Austin for a little while on Wed.

And now, time for bed.
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