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Why I love my city (part 5032)

Today I finished sorting through a bunch of stuff (including many photos and newspaper articles...respect de what? *grin*) and had really nothing to do until the day was over, but I couldn't go home because I needed to get some stuff from Sweetness and the line today has been out the door almost the whole day. So I decided to run an errand to get white nail polish. I could have taken the car, but there are two grocery stores, a Walgreens, and a Nail Salon within walking distance, so I decided to walk. Grocery store close by didn't have any nail polish that I could find, so I had to walk all the way in the other direction and ended up at Walgreens where they had what I needed.

What I love about New Orleans is that on my walk up and down and back up Tchoupitoulas (you can guess how that's pronounced :D) every single person I passed said "Hi" and/or "How are you" to me. It didn't matter what I looked like, what they looked like, if they were talking to someone else, or even that I had headphones on. Everyone was amazingly friendly. That's my city.
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