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Jorge and cat vomit

Just finished reading all of Jorge Garcia's (aka Hurley from Lost) blog (which also has an LJ feed). It's really funny and amusing. No Lost spoilers, but that's okay.

As I was adding the feed to my LJ I heard the sounds of a cat about to throw up (which I know so well from the hair balls that Boris occasionally gets). This time it was not Boris but a very perturbed and somewhat frightened Natasha. I acted on instinct and grabbed her to get her onto the tile (so much easier to clean than the carpet). However, unlike Boris who calmly lets me move him, Natasha was not so happy. She flailed. A lot. I got her in the kitchen, but ended up with some nice gashes across my knuckles (we can't cut her nails...neither can the vet. the last time a vet tried she ripped the clipper out of the vet's hand even though she was being held down by the vet's assistant). Then after she threw up, she threw up just a little bit more on the couch arm. Thanks a lot kitty! Cleaned that up too and then cleaned out my scratches.

I'm actually a little worried about Natasha. She didn't eat much of her lunch (and now I know why), and I've never seen her throw up before or even have a hairball. I guess we'll just have to watch her over the next few days. Maybe she's allergic to queencimmy ;)
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